Network Operation Center (NOC)


Facility Condition Control

  • High temperature limit 27°C
  • Low temperature limit 18°C
  • Temperature stability 5°C / hour
  • Upper moisture limit 60% RH and 15°C Dew point
  • Lower moisture limit 5.5°C Dew point
  • Water detection
  • Fire detection and suppression measures include standard and Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) warning and alarm system implemented in a zoned configuration

Site Security
We will provide 24/7/365 on-site physical security providing authentication, authorisation and audit control for any and all persons entering the Data Centre.
All persons must go through four levels of security:

  • The external perimeter. In addition to security checks.
  • Building reception.(by CAT)
  • Authentication system (Card, Personal authorize) to access the data hall plus an observed man-trap is to remove the possibility of unauthorised access.
  • All racks are locked.

Caged areas can be arranged on-demand for clients with large requirements.

CCTV provides video surveillance of key elements of the Data Centre, fed directly to the Command Centre team.


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